4th European Conference on Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

EECS 2019

3rd European Conference on Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Circuits, Systems, Electronics, Control, Robotics, Measurements, Electromagnetic Fields, Microwaves, Antennas, Communications, Signal Processing, Image Processing, Smart Interfaces, Intelligent Systems,Power Systems and Industrial Engineering, Energy and Renewable Energy Sources Development, Power conversion, Power Control, Power semiconductors, DC-to-DC Converters, Inverters, Wireless Power Transfer, Thermal performance of electronic power systems, Transportation Electrification, Automation and Motion Industrial Electronics, Aircraft - Railway -Ship Propulsion, Integrated Power Packaging Modeling, Applied Physics and Chemistry, Biomedicine and Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering applications in Environmental Science,in Geoscience, Geology, Seismology and Earth Sciences,in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Optics, in Space and Military Science, in Acoustics and Music. Computer Languages, Software Engineering, Data Structures, File Structures and Design, Data Bases, Compilers, Knowledge and Data Technology, Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, File Structures for on-line Systems, Operating Systems, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Information Systems, Complexity Theory, Computing Theory, Object-Oriented Programming, Parallel Programming, Computerised Signal Processing, Computer Graphics, Computational Geometry, Machine Vision, Computer Elements, Computer Architecture, Computer Packaging, Game Theory, Operations Research, Optimization Techniques, Real Time Systems, Virtual Reality, Computer Algebra, Symbolic Computation, Simulation, Pattern Analysis, Machine Intelligence, Adaptive and Learning Systems, Classification, Identification, Chaos Fractals and Bifurcations, Analysis and design tools, Simulation, modelling, Emulation, Visualization, Digital Libraries, Hardware Engineering, Programming Techniques in Communications, Networks, Management and Economic Systems, Multimedia, Video technologies, Simulation Techniques Tools, Computers in Armed Forces, Software for Communications Development and Simulation, Social Implications of Modern Communications, Soft Computing and Communications, Supercomputers and Supercomputing, Internet and Internet Computing, Intelligent Agents, Mobile Computing, E-commerce, Privacy Problems, Hardware/Software Codesign, Cryptography, Computer/Communications Integration, Education, Others ...