2nd European Conference on Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Hotel: Sternen Muri Hotel
Address: Thunstrasse 80, 3074 Bern - Muri, Switzerland
Phone:+41 31 950 71 11
Email : info@sternenmuri.ch
Website: http://www.sternenmuri.ch/en

Not many cities have managed to retain their historic features quite as successfully as Bern, the capital of Switzerland. The old town of Bern is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and thanks to its 6 kilometres of arcades - the locals refer to them as 'Lauben' - boasts on of the longest weather-sheltered shopping promenades in Europe. More: http://www.myswitzerland.com/en/bern.html

“It is the most beautiful that we have ever seen,” wrote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in a letter to his friend Charlotte von Stein during his stay in Bern in 1779. Today the Swiss capital still enchants its visitors with its charm and diverse attractions and events. No other city in Switzerland offers such a wonderful wealth of culture, leisure and entertainment like Bern. Hurry and hectic are foreign words to the Bernese. In their city, people enjoy life and take time for what is really important. It's entirely easy to relax and enjoy oneself in the unique Old Town atmosphere.http://www.bern.com/en/city-of-bern/attractions

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